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Shandon Spice your local Indian takeaway outlet Welcoming you to discover the great taste of Its mouthwatering food.

Shandon Spice focuses on producing delicious and healthy food using original and fresh ingredients which can be found in the highlands of India and the hilly regions of its neighbouring countries. It aims to fulfil the expectations of Indian Curry Lovers, who having been enjoying Indian food for a long time and expect authentic Indian food with a difference. The emphasis is on keeping you energetic, healthy and fit avoiding junk ingredients and artificial colouring.

Our Award Winning Curry Chefs work tirelessly with their skill and knowledge in the creation of the tastiest meals using the finest spices from around the world. We are dedicated to ensure that the food we serve you will be packed full of flavour and not fat.

Quality food that is kind to your body as well as your wallet. So Shandon Spice has a different approach.

Shandon Spice offers not only the finest food but also an excellent service from our experienced and friendly members of staff. Everything will be performed in a professional manner.

Enjoy your food with Shandon Spice.